Welcome to Elite  DJ/MC & Production, where our DJs  and MCs have performed at hundreds of weddings all over Denver and its surrounding cities. With years of experience throughout the state, we have created and sustained great relationships with coordinators, photographers, banquet staff and most importantly clients! Our references and testimonials speak to our professionalism and customer service as well our flexibility in planning, organizing and catering to clients’ needs.

Specializing in both formal and social events, we have become familiar with many different types of music that people of all ages enjoy. We have developed a unique service, approach, and style that encourages your guests to dance, party, participate and most importantly, have fun!  What makes our company different? It’s our modern look, our upbeat, young DJ’s and MC’s, our ahead of the curve equipment and our attention to details and understanding of your vision. 

There are many different aspects to take into consideration when looking for a DJ and MC for your event. That’s why unlike many other companies, we take the time to speak with you when first looking for your entertainment. We want to understand the best way we can help to create a successful evening and help you understand our pricing structure both for our DJ’s and our Production and Lighting.  

What can you expect in our DJ’s and MC’s? Every single one of our talented young men have unique attributes. They all come from different backgrounds of music and public speaking that have helped them develop into Elite DJ’s.  They understand and take seriously the importance of each and every event and the time and money that has gone into it.   We hope that you have to look no further when selecting a DJ, an MC or Lighting. We are excited to work with you to create an exciting and memorable event! Thank you for visiting us!