What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Has 2016 really come and gone already? Time flies when you’re having fun. Now for the age-old question….what to wear? You want to ring in the New Year in style, but you also want to be comfortable and confident. One of our most talented DJs is here to the rescue. DJ Billy (we call him Billy Beats) is not only a DJ and music producer, but he’s also a bit of a fashion extraordinaire. Here’s his top tips on what to wear to your NYE bash this year.

Guys, girls, casual, fancy…he’s got you covered.

Disclaimer. Billy did get a little help from his girlfriend Heather. She’s a model, so…

Guys – Fancy Party

Navy Blazer from Express: $99

A blazer jacket is just hard to beat. NYE is a party night, so make sure it’s the most fun blazer you’ve got! If you are blazer-less, first of all, shame on you. And second, you can find great blazers that won’t break the bank at Express, Banana Republic or even H&M! For example, I have a dark blue polka-dotted blazer from Spruce (Denver brand) that I save for special occasions like this one. Whether you pull it together with a tie, bowtie, or fully buttoned up is up to your personal style and taste.

Pair it up with matching slacks to keep it easy, or go with contrasting colored pants. I have burnt red dress pants that I pair up with a dark blue jacket. If you don’t want to feel so “loud,” then matching is perfectly fine too. But again, its NYE, so if there is ever a time to dress up, its now. Finish the look with dress shoes that match depending on your color combination and you’re good to go! If you’re single, thank me later (wink, wink).

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Girls – Fancy Party

Dress from Francesca’s; $48

For a fancier evening look, a cocktail dress is your starting point. Find something that fits you well and makes you feel comfortable. Avoid necklines that are too low with hemlines that are too high. The last thing you want on your night out is the constant tug down on your dress or the risk of a wardrobe malfunction. You can’t go wrong in the classic little black dress, but if you go this route, accessorize so that you stand out from the crowd. Jazz it up with some patterned tights and a metallic or bright shoe. It’s heels all the way for this look, but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your feet. Try a heel with an ankle strap to keep your foot in place and prevent blisters. If you feel like making a statement, go for a fun print or exciting color with your dress.

For your hair, try working with a new style that you don’t typically rock. Not your go-to top knot or simple curls. For makeup, bring out those lashes and the shimmer for your eyes. This is the perfect night to work on face contouring and highlighting. Mix it up, it is NYE after all!

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Guys – Casual Shindig

V Neck Sweater from Express; $24.95

This one is easy. BLACK. Black pants and black sweater. Add some color or contrast with a solid or patterned button-up and you’re set. Why, you ask? Two reasons. If you’re going to a bar or a house party, you can be comfortable enough to sit and chat or to get up and dance, and, in case you spill some dip on yourself at 11:53pm, it’s a quick fix without anyone noticing the rest of the night. Plus, the collared shirt under a sweater shows you can keep up with the trends.

To add some pizzazz, wear sneakers. Yes, sneakers! Any color! Whatever color fits your personality. It shows you’re not afraid to be yourself. Single gents, let the ladies see how good you look dressed down, and they might just start daydreaming about how good you’d look in a suit.

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Girls – Casual Shindig

Leather legging from Target; $18

For a more casual party, I say go with a great pair of leggings. Try something edgier like a leather look and finish it off with a sequin or lace top. For shoes, stick with flats or wedges to keep your feet comfortable and ready to dance throughout the night. Again, go for some edge with your footwear. Try a pop of color or an embellishment that stands out, especially if you opt for flats. This way, your shoes are both stylish and comfortable.

For makeup, keep it simple, but not just your normal routine. Add a little pizzazz with a winged eyeliner look or a subtle pair of false lashes. Stick with gloss or a light lip color so your guy isn’t afraid to give you that midnight kiss. Let your hair down for this look. You can secure it with a few bobby pins on one side or pull back the front, but for the most part, wearing your hair down says that you’re letting loose a bit for tonight.

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No matter which look you choose, we know you’re going to ring in 2017 looking like a million bucks.


Haaaaappppyyyy New Year!

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