Thanks for the Recommendations!

“Elite DJ did an amazing job with our wedding, and I would highly recommend them to anyone! They were very professional throughout the entire process. They had great attention to detail and were very responsive to our needs and requests. Tasos was our DJ and did an incredible job! He …

No Cheesiness

Elite DJ did a really good job at making my wedding fun! Eric was my DJ and he did a phenomenal job. He was able to feel the crowd so well and played music that brought people to the dance floor. He was also very professional (no cheesiness!) and made …

Thank You Cards Are Our Favorite

What’s better than a good review? Receiving hand written Thank You Cards! We love hearing that we help made your night so special. And good job Chris! Share Us

Not Just Music

“We worked with Rob at Elite DJ in the weeks leading up to our wedding and he was awesome. We had a lot of question marks for some of the music we wanted for different parts of our ceremony and he was so great giving us suggestions and playing clips …

Edison Light Chandelier

Looking for some flair in lighting for your event? We have a modern Edison Bulb Chandelier that’s perfect for spicing up your venue. Try our battery powered version that can be mounted virtually anywhere! Share Us