3 Lighting Looks That Will Knock Your Socks Off

If you are wearing socks right now, brace yourself. You probably wont be by the end of this blog. We know when you are planning any event, that’s the moment you are going for. Your guests walk in and immediately say “Wow.” Usually followed by, “This is amazing.” Lighting is a huge part of making that moment happen. Whether it’s your wedding, company party, birthday bash, or anything else, we want to help you create the atmosphere of your dreams.

Here are three lighting looks that will totally change your event game.

1. Chandeliers

IIIIIII want to swiiiiiiiiiinnnnngggg from the…

You know the rest. Now that you’re belting out Sia at the top of your lungs, here’s why we also want to swing from the chandeliers. “Adding chandeliers to your décor is the perfect way to glam up your wedding,” says Production Designer Yan Volodarsky. “We have different designs, shapes and sizes so you can mix and match to fit the look you want.”

What if your venue is rustic? Or is it more sleek and modern? Perhaps you have an outdoor tent? No matter what your venue looks like, we’ve got the lighting that will take it over the top. “From elegant crystals to rustic wood and Edison bulbs, we have any style of chandelier that will bring your vision to life,” says Yan. “We even have a rig that allows us to hang them outdoors or freestanding.” A freestanding chandelier you say? Sounds pretty magical.

2. Market Lights

Market lights are not just for the rustic, outdoorsy wedding anymore. The options are practically endless. Now you can choose white or black string, different patterns and designs to make the lights just what you want. “We even have new LED lights that change color,” says Yan. Market lights can be used for indoor or outdoor spaces. “They give off beautiful light but without being overbearing,” Yan says.

The strands make this lighting option the perfect choice for connecting outdoor spaces to other structures so that your event has great flow. For example, one of our brides had a tent for dancing, an outdoor space for gathering and games, and the inside venue space was for dinner and cake. “We used bistro lighting to connect the tent to the building and create that gathering space,” says Yan. “And then we hung strands of paper lanterns inside the tent to provide the perfect atmosphere for dancing the night away.”

3. Uplighting

If you are hoping to keep it simple and budget-friendly, uplights are a great way to go. Yan says, “Uplights are the easiest and least expensive way to transform a simple venue space, and create a look that’s all your own.” They can be used indoor or outdoor and the high-powered LED lights can be seen even in broad daylight. If you want to move the party inside, we have great news there too. Since these lights are battery-powered, they can easily be moved throughout the venue space.

One more note on these bad boys, and we promise we are done. They can be used for multiple purposes at your event, which means more bang for your buck. Yan says, “They can provide candlelight during dinner, and then the colors can change to the beat of the music once the dance floor opens.”

To see more magnificent lighting options, click here. If you have a wild idea that has never been done before, give us a call and talk to one of our design experts.

If you can imagine it, we can create it.

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