Our 10 Favorite Venues in Colorado (Part 3)

These next three venues are so amazing…they practically speak for themselves.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

4. Blanc

This place is a true gem, located in the heart of downtown Denver, but tucked away just enough to where you forget about the hustle and bustle of the city. Blanc describes itself as “an innovative venue where the space adjusts to the design of your event.” Honestly, we couldn’t agree more. “We love Blanc because of the many unique architectural elements it provides,” says Production Designer Yan Volodarsky. “There are brick walls, white walls, exposed beams, a beautiful outdoor area, and you can make each space completely your own.”

Let’s not forget about the rustic barn on the property, the grape arbor, shade trees on the patio and outdoor fireplace that your guests can cozy up to. The patio is the perfect space for an outdoor ceremony, and/or cocktail hour. Picture white chairs, green grass, red brick walkways, mature trees throughout and the soft sparkle of bistro lights overhead. And the photo opportunities are endless. There are wooden doors, massive windows, and vines wrapping their way up the brick walls. The main event space seats 150 guests and is called The Gallery. And it is just that: white walls, modern design, industrial ceilings, and tons of natural light pouring in. If you want a modern, eclectic, urban but rustic space to make all your own, look no further. Blanc is it.

3150 Walnut Street
Denver, CO 80205

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3. Crooked Willow Farms

Crooked Willow Farms is only 35 minutes outside of Denver, but you will feel like you are worlds away nestled in the exclusive Plum Creek Valley. When you book here, the place is exclusively yours for a full 12 hours, complete with a bridal suite and groom’s lounge for getting ready. This venue can accommodate almost any number of guests, ranging from 40-2000 depending on the space.

DJ Billy says, “We love this place because the layout is so much fun. You can have the ceremony on the lawn, cocktail hour in the courtyard, dinner in the ballroom and dancing in the loft.” Let’s talk about this loft. Lola’s Loft is what its called, and it is nothing short of pure magic with rustic hammered steel railings, cathedral windows, circular stairs, red oak floors and a wall of 75 pillar lights. Plus, it has an unobstructed view of the Rocky Mountains and plenty of spots for stargazing through the double doors. The views from the lawn are absolutely breathtaking, so we would recommend saying “I do” out there, followed by cocktail hour in the courtyard surrounded by Colorado wildflowers, and then move the party into the ballroom for an elegant seated dinner.

We would suggest having your rehearsal dinner here too, because they have a barrel-lined wine room. Yes, that’s right, a wine room, so you can have a tasting or dinner pairing the night before your big day.

Crooked Willow Farms
10554 South Perry Park Road
Larkspur, CO 80118

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2. Spruce Mountain Ranch

Coming in at number 2, this privately-owned, beautifully landscaped, 400-acre property is a total mountain paradise. And if you’re thinking 400 acres sounds like a lot, it is. There’s the lower ranch and the upper ranch, and each section has multiple spots for your ceremony and reception depending on the size of your party and what kind of views you want. There’s an 8-minute video on their website that will show you everything, but we will do our best to hit the high points, and there are a lot of high points, even on the lower ranch (pun intended).

The lower ranch has two killer spots for an outdoor ceremony, Grace’s Chapel and Mountainside, complete with mountain views, lush meadows, budding wildflowers, the works. Then, there’s a courtyard just outside the main indoor space perfect for a horse-drawn carriage entry or a dance under the stars to end the night. The indoor venue spaces are Albert’s Lodge and the Colorado Room and they are everything you would think a Colorado mountain lodge should be. Combined banquet seating for these spaces are 300+.

The upper ranch has Trey’s Vista, which has an unlimited amount of seating for an outdoor reception and views galore. For a more intimate setting, Lakeview Terrace rests on the waters edge of the lake and can hold about 50 guests under a stone gazebo. The Ponderosa Room can seat up to 600 guests for larger parties and the design is rustic and sophisticated all at the same time. Of course, there’s a courtyard just outside for a ceremony, cocktail hour or that starlight dance to your favorite song.

Spruce Mountain Ranch
14771 Spruce Mountain Road
Larkspur, CO 80118

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Whew! That was a lot, but we didn’t keep you waiting for nothing. You know what comes next…our number one venue. Don’t go anywhere.

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